La Sirène

*Please note:
options and pricing are subject to change during major holidays*

Our Menu Appetizers

  • Salade du Marché | 9.75
    Mixed Greens Salad with Vinaigrette, Mango, Radish and diced Tomato
  • Pâté de Campagne Maison | 12.50
    Homemade Pâté de Campagne with Pickles and Salad
  • Salade de Betteraves | 11.50
    Oven roasted fresh Beets, diced Apple, toasted Pine Nuts and Brie cheese
  • Soupe à l’Oignon gratinée (signature) | 13.50
    French Onion Soup au Gratin
  • Poires rôties au Bleu Fondant | 13.50
    Roasted fresh whole Pear with melted Blue cheese
  • Steak Tartare | 14.50/25.25
  • Escargots à la Bourguignonne (rarely served that way) | 14.50
    Roasted Escargots (1/2 dozen in the Shell) stuffed with Butter, Garlic, Shallots and Parsley
  • Ravioles de Royan au Comté (rare find) | 16.75
    Sensual little French Ravioli stuffed with Comte cheese in Truffle Cream Sauce
  • Tartelette de Chèvre frais aux Echalotes, Truffes, Raisins confits et Voile de vieux Gruyère | 17.75
    Baked Goat Cheese Tart with Shallots, Truffles, Grape and a Veil of Swiss age 180 days
  • Foie Gras au Torchon, recette Maison | 28.00
    Cold served Foie Gras Torchon style (homemade recipe, subtle but flavorful)
  • Seared Foie Gras with Balsamic Duck Glaze | 32.00
    “Special occasion” ask your server
  • Moules / Mussels: we don’t do French Fries, but we have excellent bread with it | 15.50/26.00
    Marinières: steamed in White Wine and fresh Herbs (classic one, found anywhere)
    Rochelaises: steamed with Curry, diced Apple and light Cream (signature)
    Dijonnaises: steamed Mussels with Dijon Mustard Sauce (Americans Favorite)
    Creoles: French Caribbean style (signature)
    Steamed in pink Sauce, Rum, touch of Heavy Cream, with Herbs, mild Spices and Chorizo

Our Menu Entrees

  • Poisson frais du Marché | MP
    Fresh Market Fish
  • Gnocchi Parisian au Gratin (from Paris, not Italy) | 25.75
    With Truffles, Mornay (White Sauce) and Swiss cheese. The French Mac and Cheese!
  • Coquelet farci au Pain à l’Ail et Huile d’Olive extra vierge, rôti, Jus Grand-Mère | 29.25
    Roasted Cornish Hen stuffed with Garlic, Herbs, extra virgin Olive Oil, Bread, Bacon Bits, Cocktail Onion, Mushroom au Jus
  • Filet de Porc, Sauce aux Champignons | 28.25
    Seared Pork Tenderloin, sliced with Mushrooms, Port Wine, lightly creamed Sauce
  • Onglet Poêlé à la Luchonaise (signature, not found in NYC or anywhere!) | 30.25
    7 oz slowly seared, Butter only Hanger Steak, roasted Garlic, Parsley
  • Caille rôtie sur Pommes sautées au Curry, Raisins frais, déglaçée au Jus | 31.25
    Pan roasted “1 Quail and 1/2” sautéed curried Apple, Pearl Onion and Grape Demi Glaze
  • Lapin braisé, Dijon à la Crème, Vin Blanc et Garniture aromatique | 32.25
    Braised young Rabbit with Mushrooms, White Wine, Carrot, Dijon and Pearl Onion
  • Linguini aux Fruits de Mer | 36.50
    Seafood linguini with White Wine Saffron Sauce, dressed with Scallop, Mussel, white meat Fish Filet, Octopus and Shrimp
  • Kassulet Toulousain de la Maison (signature winter dish. Served year round upon customer request) | 35.50
    Cassoulet Toulouse style (my personal recipe: Cannellini Beans, Carrots, Tomato, Garlic Duck Confit, Slab Bacon and Pork Sausage, all braised with Noble Duck fat, White Stock and Foie Gras Jus). This is a very rich dish which was served to warriors defending their village!
    Don’t take it if you can’t bear it
  • Magret de Canard (D’Artagnan Moulard, signature) | 33.25
    Seared Moulard Duck Breast, with Michigan Cranberry Glaze
  • Carré d’Agneau au Jus de Truffes (signature) | 39.75
    Frenched Rack of Lamb with White Wine, Rosemary and Truffle au Jus
  • Tournedos Rossini (very popular signature) | 39.50
    Seared Filet Mignon topped with Foie Gras (not seared Foie Gras, very important), Shallots, Port Red Wine, Truffle Sauce. Absolute luxury! Combine Foie Gras, Meat and Sauce all together for the most savory bites. Enjoy!

Our Menu Desserts

  • Banana Brulée (signature) | 9.00
    My version of banana pudding …It’s served cold and it’s not a crème brulée ! Made with Home Made smashed “Nila” Style Waffles , Special Home Vanilla Grand-Marnier Custard
  • Les Trois assortiments de sorbets / glaces Maison | 12.00
    The choice of three flavors of home made ice cream or sherbet
  • Choux Chantilly (signature) | 12.00
    Choux puff pastry stuffed with home Chantilly Confectioned Sugar
  • Croquembouche au Caramel (signature) | 12.00
    Stuffed Choux with Fine Grand-Marnier French Vanilla Cream, topped with Fresh Blond Caramel, Sliced toasted Almond
  • Iles Flottantes au Caramel, Anglaise et Grand-Marnier (signature) | 13.00
    Whipped Egg whites Meringue Cover up with Caramel Floating in Crème Anglaise flavored with a Touch of Grand Marnier
  • L’Assortiment de fromages de la Maison | 12.50
    Three cheese platter brie, 180 days old Swiss and Blue Cheese
  • Fondant au Chocolat Noir | 13.50
    Dark lava chocolate cake and home made coconut sherbet
  • Big profiteroles (signature)-good to share- | 16.50
    Popular Dessert. Made with Bitter Sweet Dark chocolate!
  • Tarte Tatin | 9.00
    Classic upside down caramelized apple tart.
    Have it flambée! +3.25

Our Menu Brunch | UWS only
Saturday & Sunday

  • French Crêpes | 14.75
    With warm Maple Syrup, Salted Caramel and homemade Chantilly
  • Popover and Café au Lait, Beurre et Confiture Maison | 12.25
    Popovers with Espresso French Latte, Butter and home made Jam
  • Tartines and Café au Lait, Beurre et Confiture Maison | 11.25
    Tartines with Espresso French Latte, Butter and home made Jam
  • Coupe de Fruits | 15.00
    Seasonal fruits and berries, ask your server
  • Pain Perdu | 11.25
    The true French Toast! With Cinnamon, Salted Butter Caramel Sauce and warm Maple Syrup served on the side
  • Salade du Marché | 7.50
    Mixed green salad Vinaigrette, Mango, Radish and diced Tomato
  • Soupe à l’Oignon gratinée | 12.50
    French onion soup au gratin
  • Salade aux Lardons | 19.00
    Mixed green Salad with Applewood Bacon, Bacon Dressing and a poached Egg with Croutons
  • *SAVORY*
  • Open face Croque Monsieur or Madame | 9.75/12.75
    Ham, grilled Swiss Cheese and Béchamel on a single slice of Bread (topped with fried egg for Croque Madame)
  • Oeufs Brouillés ou Omelette Roulée, Eggs any style | 9.50
    Scrambled Eggs or stuffed rolled Omelette
    Extra: choice of Swiss, Brie, Blue or Goat cheese, cured wild Scottish salmon, mushroom, veggies, egg white only, cooked Madrange Ham, bacon, Italian fennel sausage, prosciutto Toscano, white sturgeon Malossol Caviar.
    *Please note: cooking time will significantly increase if you order more than two choices
  • Oeufs Hollandaise au Jambon Madrange | 17.00
    Poached Eggs on toasted Bread with Madrange Ham and Hollandaise Sauce
  • Piperade Basquaise | 19.00
    Scrambled Eggs with Peppers, Tomato, Onions, all baked together then topped with Croutons and Prosciutto Toscano
  • Oeufs Florentine | 17.00
    Poached Eggs, sauteed Spinach, Hollandaise Sauce
  • Oeufs Bayonne | 17.00
    Poached Eggs, Prosciutto Toscano, Hollandaise Sauce
  • Oeufs Norvegiens | 19.00
    Poached Eggs and homemade Gravlax on toasted Bread with Hollandaise Sauce
  • Hanger Steak and 2 Eggs any style | 24.25
    The way you want them, let your server know :)

Our Menu A La Carte Lunch
UWS only
Monday thru Friday

  • House Mixed Salads with Dijon, Red Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing | 7.50
  • 1/2 Roasted Pear with Blue Cheese | 7.50
  • Pâté de Campagne maison | 11
    Homemade Pâté de Campagne with Pickles, Salad and Dijon Mustard
  • Stuffed Crêpe "Burrito" with Kurobuta Pork Ham and Mushroom, White Sauce, Parmesan | 14
  • Jambon/Brie Sandwich à la Parisienne | 12
    1/2 Kayser Baguette with Kurobuta Pork cooked Ham and Brie Cheese
  • French Onion Soup | 11
  • Fresh Beet Salad with Brie Cheese, Diced Apple, Pine Nuts | 9.50
  • Assorted Vegetables | 9.50
  • Home made Gravlax Salmon with Shallot, Caper, Parsley, Lemon Juice | 15
    Over a bowl of Mixed Greens | 20
  • Open Face Croque Monsieur / Madame (4 pieces) | 11/14
    Madame is served with Sunny Side Fry Eggs
  • Roasted Escargots (1/2 dozen in the Shell) stuffed with Butter, Garlic, Shallot and Parsley | 13
  • Mussels | Choose between 3 Recipes | Marinières / Dijonaises / Creoles | 12 / 23
    Choice of French Fries or Salad
  • Steak Tartare | 12.50 / 22
  • 1/2 Roasted Cornish Hen au Jus | 13
    Choice of French Fries or Salad
  • Ravioles de Royan au Comté | 13 / 25
    Sensual little French Ravioli stuffed with Comté cheese in Truffle Cream Sauce
  • Baked Goat Cheese Tart (signature) | 16.50
    With Shallot, Truffle, Confit Grape and a veil of Old Swiss
  • Salade de Foie de Volaille | 12 / 18
    Sautéed Chicken Liver and Onion, Fresh Salad, deglazed Port Wine/Balsamic Reduction/Red Wine Vinegar Dressing
  • Slow Cooked Beef Tongue with Pickles and 2 Mustards | 18
    Choice of French Fries or Salad
  • Gnocchi Parisian au Gratin (from Paris, not Italy) | 18
    Very rich cheesy Sauce and home made Gnocchi
  • Hanger Steak Frites (the French Classic) | 26